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Creating with Crochet | Tote Bag

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Last month I shared with you the crochet beanie hat I crafted.  I mentioned I was going to start another project adapting a tote bag pattern I had found for free on the Simply Crochet website.  I thought if I put it in writing then it wouldn’t be so easy to back out … and it worked!

As well as the tote bag I’m talking about today, I also made a heart garland (which looks fabulous above my fire).  You can see how it looks on My Sunday Photo post.

The pattern I adapted for my tote was from the Granny square beach bag.  It was added to the website in 2014 and I couldn’t find the chunky yarn although I still bought Rico Fashion Cotton (just without the chunky!) and downsized the hook.

(picture on the left from Simply Crochet)

The Rico yarn I used in this project was 3 x 50g balls of:

Melon (4)

Medium Grey (7)

White (1)

I bought the yarn online from Loveknitting and received excellent service.  I received my order the next day in a gorgeous organza bag.

The Granny squares are really quick and easy to crochet up.  With only 3 rounds, you don’t have time to get bored.  I still kept it to 8 squares for the tote.

I may have mentioned before that I detest sowing and once again, I chose a project with minimal stitching.  The seams are joined together with slip stitches.  I liked the patchwork effect the original pattern achieved by joining wrong sides facing each other (so the seam is on the outside).  I used the yarn I had left over from the beanie hat to join the seams because it was chunkier and I wanted it to stand out that much more.

I had almost finished all the seams in the next photo.


I decided I was going to chain all three colours together to make the strap but it took me a couple of attempts to work out how to join them to the bag.

In the end I joined the yarns onto the length leftover from the seam one side and continued to chain until the length I wanted before joining with the leftover yarn on the other side.

I plaited the three yarns each end and sewed it into the side seam.

I was really pleased with how it turned out!


You can check out my crochet projects on Parkview Creative.


Happy Crafting!

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