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I couldn’t do without … my Techbed from Edge Beanbags

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Seriously, the Techbed from Edge BeanBags is one accessory that I have no idea how I’ve managed without.  I use it everywhere I know I’m going to get the chance to read.


Something that looks so simple and yet has immeasurable benefits for Kindle/Kobo/iPad/tablet users.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a Techbed from Paul and Philippa at Edge Beanbags as a thank you for supporting them on social media.  They have passion and pride in what they do and it’s easy supporting a UK business when they’ve got heart.  Being the first beanbag member of the British Furniture Manufacturers shows their dedication and their ethos.

Who are Edge Beanbags?

Edge Beanbags are based in Wokingham and have a variety of luxurious handmade beanbags.  It’s not just the Techbed that is available although this is the product I will be sharing my thoughts about today.  You’ll find beanbags for home, gamers, kids, pets and office.  If you’re looking for something bespoke, Edge also offer a bespoke service.  You can have your beanbag embroidered, or if you’re a business customer, replace the Edge Beanbag logo with your own.  Want to use your own fabric to fit in with your decor?  You can do that too although there are ten colours in stock for you to choose from.

Tweet with them @edgebeanbags, visit their Facebook page and check out their pins on Pinterest.

Fabrics and Filling

The beanbags are made from highest quality upholstery fabrics.  I’m a touchy-feely person and do love to feel textures.  I love the soft feel of the Techbed and can imagine a beanbag would feel fabulous to sit on!  The fabrics are ultra-hard wearing (you get the same quality for the Techbed as you do for all the other beanbags).

Covers and linings are flame resistant (BS 5852) and the beans are fire retardant. 

The beans make it easy to position my Kindle and with the non-slip fabric, my Kindle stays in place.  I’ve used it a lot in my lap and being lightweight it is comfortable.  Even in the heat we had earlier this summer, air has circulated and it’s felt comfortable to use on my lap.


I’ve also carried the Techbed around (not just up the stairs when I read in bed!) as I’ve also taken it on days out with me too.


Of course you can use the Techbed without resting it in your lap!  I use it laying down in bed every day.


And it has more uses than for reading (obviously whatever you do on your tablet you can do from the Techbed).  Taz thinks it quite cosy for a pillow (he was trying to get me out of bed one morning – who says dogs aren’t intelligent 🙂 )


Care information

The beanbags are easy to look after.  Machine washable at 30 degrees (how fab is that!) but the recommendation is that you spot clean with a damp sponge where possible.

All of Edge Beanbags products are guaranteed for one year and that includes top up beans if necessary.

How is the Techbed made?

Watch this speeded up YouTube video.


I’m never without a current read and read every day.  Sometimes it might only be for a short time but at the end of a day I tend to read for long stretches of time.  Any book lover will tell you that holding a Kindle or paperback in your hands in the same position means aching muscles.  I read in bed every night and whether it’s a Kindle or a paperback I read one-handed and switch from side to side.  The biggest benefit for me is that I haven’t woken in the morning with a headache from strained neck muscles since I’ve been using the Techbed.  That’s what I call a winner!

The Techbed would benefit you if you suffer from arthritis, have weak wrists, neck problems or if you have Repetitive Strain Injury.

The Techbed is available to purchase from Amazon, Etsy, and directly from Edge Beanbags.  Great value for money!


Would you use the Techbed?  

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