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I’m delighted to be welcoming  Kathryn Freeman to the blog today.  Kathryn is an author published by those lovely independent publishers, Choc Lit, and to celebrate the paperback release of Before You, Kathryn is sharing an excerpt for you to feast your eyes on.  Formula One and a hot male lead …


Before You Kathryn Freeman

Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Choc Lit (1 Aug. 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1781893934

ISBN-13: 978-1781893937

When life in the fast lane threatens to implode…

Melanie Hunt’s job working for the Delta racing team means she is constantly rubbing shoulders with Formula One superstars in glamorous locations like Monte Carlo. But she has already learned that keeping a professional distance is crucial if she doesn’t want to get hurt.

New Delta team driver Aiden Foster lives his life like he drives his cars – fast and hard. But, no matter how successful he is, it seems he always falls short of his championship-winning father’s legacy. If he could just stay focused, he could finally make that win.

Resolve begins to slip as Melanie and Aiden find themselves drawn to each other -with nowhere to hide as racing season begins. But when a troubled young boy goes missing, everything is thrown into turmoil, including Aiden’s championship dream.

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Over to you Kathryn.

Thank you so much for hosting me on your lovely blog to help me celebrate the paperback publication of Before You. It features Formula One racing driver Aiden Foster, who’s desperate to break away from the spectre of his father’s championship-winning legacy and finally win one of his own. All he needs is a year with no distractions. He doesn’t count on meeting Melanie Hunt, press officer for his new team. Or on the arrival of a troubled young boy.

I hope the following extract will give you a flavour of the book. Why did I choose this passage? I thought it showed a glimpse into the characters of both the hero and heroine. There’s Mel who’s down to earth, a woman working in the male dominated world of Formula One. She wouldn’t be seen dead in any of the tight shorts or plunging necklines worn by the grid girls! Funny and sharp, she always gives as good as she gets and isn’t fazed by the superstar status of the drivers she works for. Then there’s Aiden, the team’s new driver. I hope this passage shows you not only his humour, but that there’s more to him than the cocky exterior he presents to the world. It looks like Mel is starting to realise that, too … :).


Anyway, back to the interviews.’ Her eyes flitted away from his gaze and down to her notes, allowing Aiden to continue his study. Her hair was a deep chocolate brown with curls that struggled to be contained in the haphazard ponytail she usually shoved it into. What with that and her make-up free face, Aiden reckoned she must have spent all of two minutes getting dressed this morning. ‘Your first interview is scheduled to take place after the Malaysian Grand Prix,’ she told him, following her statement with an apologetic smile. ‘It’s with a guy from Motorsport magazine who was insistent that he wanted to explore what it was like for you following in your father’s footsteps and coming to Delta. Consider yourself duly warned.’

He covered his unease with a wry smile. ‘Duly noted.’

She smiled back and he realised he liked making her smile, enjoying the way her brown eyes warmed and her dimples winked. All too quickly her eyes focused back on her notepad. He tried to pretend that he cared as she talked through the rest of her list.

‘Well, that’s all I have for now.’ She closed her notepad and tucked it into her oversized brown handbag. Small animals, maybe even small children, could probably live in there quite happily without ever needing to see the light of day. The thought must have made him grin because she halted in the process of heaving the bag onto her shoulder and eyed him suspiciously. ‘What are you smiling at?’

His lips twitched. ‘Nothing.’

Her glance turned into a glare. ‘It might have been only a month since you joined the team, but I know you, Aiden Foster. You reserve most of your smiles for when you’re in front of the cameras, so to be smiling now you must have found something really funny.’

That successfully wiped the smirk off his face. ‘What do you mean by that?’

She chewed on her bottom lip. ‘You mean the bit about what you found funny, or …’

‘The bit about me being a grumpy git?’

Her cheeks reddened slightly. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. I have a tendency to speak what’s on my mind without filtering it first, which probably isn’t an ideal trait for someone in my role.’ Her fingers fiddled with the straps of her bag which she still hadn’t put on her shoulder. ‘It’s been an observation of mine that … well … maybe Aiden Foster the racing driver and Aiden Foster the man aren’t quite the same person.’

He stilled, surprised … no, more than that, shocked. ‘How do they differ?’

She was still finding it hard to meet his eyes. ‘Well, I guess Aiden Foster the driver is charming, funny, laid-back and a bit of a womaniser.’

He could live with all of those. ‘And the man?’

Shaking her head, she finally looked at him. ‘I don’t know. He keeps himself very hidden, but I think he’s much more serious.’

Oh yes, I think your excerpt does that really well Kathryn 🙂  I’m sure my blog readers agree with me!

Congratulations on the publication of your paperback.

Kathryn FreemanKathryn started her working life as a retail pharmacist but soon realised trying to decipher doctor’s handwriting wasn’t for her. Next she joined the pharmaceutical industry where she spent twenty happy years working in medical communications, doing a lot of writing – about medicines. What she really wanted to write about though, was romance.

In 2011, backed by her family, she left the world of pharmaceutical science to begin life as a self employed writer, juggling the two disciplines of medical writing and romance. Some days a racing heart is a medical condition, others it’s the reaction to a hunky hero…

She lives with two teenage boys and a husband who asks every Valentine’s Day whether he has to bother buying a card again this year (yes, he does) so the romance in her life is all in her head. Then again, her husband’s unstinting support of her career change goes to prove that love isn’t always about hearts and flowers – and heroes can come in many disguises.

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