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I’m delighted to be sharing an extract with you from The Men by Fanny Calder.

I could identify with the scene in the extract, having experienced something similar to this myself. I wonder if you will?

The publishers, The Real Press, are also generously offering a paperback in a giveaway to one of my UK readers. Don’t miss it!

Book cover for The Men by Fanny Calder

A darkly brilliant debut novel by Fanny Calder, and arguably essential reading for the feminist hedonist woman in your life.

City life in the 1990s. Anonymous, intense, paradoxical and sometimes lonely. A young, haunted woman falls in love with a singer. She finds she has been consumed by the relationship and when it ends – as it inevitably does – she feels unable to quite rediscover herself. Cities can draw you into even darker places, and she embarks on a series of intense relationships with thirteen men of very different types, from a rough sleeper to a millionaire, and from a transvestite to a leading politician. As she is propelled through a series of extraordinary adventures and wild parties she finds she begins to lose her own identity. Is there a way out?

The Men by Fanny Calder is published by The Real Press and is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.

Book extract

Check out this 5* review on Terry Tyler Book Reviews.

Fanny Calder is a writer and environmental campaigner who lives in London with her daughter, her poodle and her whippet. She no longer goes to quite so many parties. Connect with her on Twitter @fannycalder.

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