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Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe | Debbie Johnson

You may well recognise part of this title … Comfort Food Cafe.  In July I shared my thoughts with you about Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe.   This was Laura’s story of making a mad decision to take a summer job in Budbury in Dorset.

I said:

Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe is a story of a family who’ve lost their way after loss and despite it being a madcap idea, find friendship, love and healing on a working holiday.  If you’re looking for inspiration you’ll find it here along with hope that things can change if you step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe focuses on Laura’s sister Becca.  It can be read as a standalone (and at 187 pages it’s shorter than a full length novel) however, I would recommend you also read Laura’s story too.

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Christmas in October?  If you’re on social media you will have noticed many gorgeous Christmas novels being published.  I must admit to loving seasonal reads.  Always guaranteed plenty of feels and this is just what we get with Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe.

Christmas past for Becca hasn’t been a time of year that is magical and full of wonder. Aged 4 and 8 she hates it.  As a teen it’s a time of year that marks something a lot darker and deeper.  In the present, as Becca is on her way to Budbury she shares some backstory to Laura’s life (important if you haven’t read SatCFC).  Once there, Comfort Food Cafe once again works its magic 🙂

I empathised with Becca from the beginning.  Always on the outside looking in she’s made some decisions that keeps her functioning but not really taking part in life.  She has the type of personality that once she’s made up her mind she sticks with it a 100%.  Which has worked well up until now.  Slowly, as she spends time in Budbury with everyone we see her begin to thaw out.  I was so intrigued by what she had done in the past that gave her the belief that she didn’t deserve to be happy …

It was fabulous spending time with these characters again.  Edie takes on a different role, we get to know another character a bit better and there’s a new single mum in town (there’s a story there I’m sure).

Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe is well paced with plenty of feels (I loved the wedding!).  I’m hoping Debbie Johnson will take us back at some point.  These characters draw you in … there’s much more to tell!

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