Celebrating 6 years of blogging

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The years seem to go by faster and faster – it doesn’t seem a year ago that you celebrated my 5th blogging birthday with me!

Realisations came in my 5th blogging year of just how much this all means to me.  I’ve kept my sanity through some tough stuff because this passion has burned brightly and been my anchor.  What started out in 2011 as a way to record my thoughts on the books I read has evolved into something else entirely and I love it.

Keeping a journal highlights for me that the majority of my thoughts are work related!  Blogging gives my brain a break from trying to problem solve.  It’s a great distraction too as everything else disappears when I’m doing the myriad of things that comes with blogging.  Fabulous health benefits 🙂

I’ve always been a ‘communicator’ but blogging takes it onto a whole new level because it’s not just about the blog.  It’s about the friendships – the people you meet through social media – that start out with a shared passion and deepen throughout time.  Some of who you get to meet too!

It’s about wanting to be of service and hoping that someone else can benefit from your knowledge or thoughts.  There’s no better feeling than when what you do is validated.



This (blogging) year in June I made the decision to go back to WP and made the leap to self hosted.  It has been quite scary in as much as when something goes wrong, I don’t have a web developer or knowledge, only me … but the amazing technical support I’ve received from Kualo and Phil at Pipdig is outstanding.  If you’re thinking about self hosting you should definitely check out Kualo.  Phil at Pipdig migrated my blog and I purchased my theme from him but the service I receive (notice the present tense) is so much more.  I often visualise him sitting with his head in hands every time he receives an email from me 🙂  Both Kualo and Pipdig reply to my emails straight away (mostly at the end of my employed working day) and help me solve my technical problems.  Would I recommend self hosted? Yes.  But make sure you research the service or theme before purchasing and always listen to recommendations.  I’m giving a shoutout to Karen at My Reading Corner who recommended both Kualo and Pipdig.  Thanks Karen!

Another thing I’ve come to realise this blogging year is that audiobooks aren’t for me.  We all have a mixture of learning styles, some senses more predominant than others and for me being a visual/spatial learner, sound alone isn’t something I can absorb for very long periods.  It just doesn’t work.  I listened to an audiobook for my reading challenge and I purchased Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts but that will be it for me.  If you’re a visual learner too, any tips on how I can keep focused?

Previously, Facebook groups never held an attraction for me but this past year I’ve joined a few which are very supportive and I highly recommend.

Are there any FB groups you would recommend?  You’re welcome to leave links in the comments.



To celebrate my 6th blogging birthday I have a giveaway lined up each week day in the coming week so be sure to check back and join in.  These giveaways are not sponsored … I’ve chosen them to suit you so I hope you’ll love them!

There’s only one thing left for me to say.  Thank you for your support whether that’s here on the blog or through my social media channels.  You’re a fabulous audience and very much appreciated 🙂

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