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Book Review : The Librarian by Valerie Keogh

We’re delighted to be sharing Elena’s thoughts about The Librarian by Valerie Keogh.

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Boldwood Books (21 April 2023)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
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Since that fateful night I have always kept myself to myself. Reserved. Private. Alone.

Some people think I am too quiet. That life is passing me by. But I know there is safety in my own company. That no one can hurt me if I don’t let them get too close.

Until the day I meet him. A handsome, charming stranger. A chance for me to take a risk…finally?

Or a man who threatens everything I’ve worked so hard for?

You’ll be sorry…

And that’s when my whole life begins to fall apart….

Book Review

Ava is working in her dream job, as a librarian at the Tate gallery. She keeps herself to herself, she feels safer in her own company and is happy that way. One day she is asked to go out for a drink by her outgoing and vivacious friend Poppy and she joins her in order to catch up and unwind. At the bistro however, Poppy is looking to hook up with someone and Ava has other ideas. Meeting a guy there, she excuses herself to leave. The mysterious man then turns nasty and shouts threats to her as she leaves.

From that point onwards Ava’s life seems to take a dark turn. Memories from her past at university some years before resurface and she no longer feels safe. She begins to have issues at work, feels unsafe in her home and when someone dies, she realises the danger she is in.

Have the ghosts from her past caught up with her and will she be able to resume her quiet, ordered life?

The Librarian is absolutely fantastic- the story is claustrophobic and thrilling.

As I read, I was eager to find out what on earth happened to Amy that led her to the position she is in today.

Ava herself is a likeable and relatable character and I wanted her to find the peace she longs for.

Valerie Keogh superbly conveys the suspense and danger in her writing to the point where I couldn’t put the book down!

A stunning read!

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About the Author

Valerie Keogh is the internationally bestselling author of several psychological thrillers and crime series, most recently published by Bloodhound. She originally comes from Dublin but now livesin Wiltshire and worked as a nurse for many years. Her first thriller for Boldwood was published in August 2022.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valeriekeoghnovels

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valeriekeogh2/

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