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Book Review (Novella) : Best Seller – A Tale of Three Writers by Terry Tyler

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If you’re a regular blog reader you will know I always thoroughly enjoy a Terry Tyler novel.

Terry peels back those layers of tangled emotions to the heart of a character – to what is really driving the character’s behaviour.  Best Seller is no exception.

Best Seller may be a novella at 155 pages but it really packs a punch!



Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 433 KB

Print Length: 155 pages

Language: English


Three women, one dream: to become a successful author.

Eden Taylor has made it—big time. A twenty-three year old with model girl looks and a book deal with a major publisher, she’s outselling the established names in her field and is fast becoming the darling of the media.

Becky Hunter has money problems. Can she earn enough from her light-hearted romance novels to counteract boyfriend Alex’s extravagant spending habits, before their rocky world collapses?

Hard up factory worker Jan Chilver sees writing as an escape from her troubled, lonely life. She is offered a lifeline—but fails to read the small print…

In the competitive world of publishing, success can be merely a matter of who you know—and how ruthless you are prepared to be to get to the top.

BEST SELLER is a slightly dark, slightly edgy drama with a twist or three in the tale.



I was hooked straight away with Eden at home in the conservatory and a hidden newspaper from her father.  Why would he explode?  What was the connection?  Why did it make her so anxious? More intrigue follows and I wanted to find out what the history was between Becky and Eden.  Jan’s character is explored through her friendship with Becky … and all three women are linked through writing group, the North Norfolk Novelists.


Reading Best Seller didn’t feel like any of the novellas I’ve read before.  It felt like a full length novel with the pace, the story and the characters totally drawing me in.  Becoming a part of the authors world is something we do as bloggers through social media and interacting with authors on their blogs.  We know that writing is an emotive topic and Terry captures this perfectly.  The insecurity, the doubt, the jealousies, the perceived failures from others in our lives and the passion.  Competitiveness and manipulation aside, two characters have their own darknesses while one just breezes through life, not because of her stamina, determination, morals or even talent but because of the circles she moves in.  Two characters I really didn’t like, Alex and Mick, are people from everyday life.  How easily they swept things aside and moved forward!


And as in real life, not everyone gets what they want.  We may know the right thing to do but how easy it is to be led by someone we trust.  It’s these things that Terry gets to the heart of in her novels.  The rawness of the shadow side of who we are is explored perfectly in Best Seller.


It’s not all darkness!  There are some positive outcomes … although not all our characters get their HEA.  I enjoyed the ending too – room for pondering and what might happen next.



It’s a Keeper


Although the author provided a copy in exchange for an honest review I also purchased my own copy.



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