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*Update* Dark Perfume by Lazuli Portals writing duo is now available to purchase in paperback.

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Dark Perfume: Tales of Light and Shadow is a collection of 33 fictional tales.

Among the stories in this volume
*~ you will delve into our legends of other worlds;
*~ you will discover love lost and found, hope reborn, and emotional courage;
*~ you will read of telepathy, prophetic visions, magic, otherworldly power, and subtle energies;
*~ you will witness individual conflicts of light and shadow.

While some of these tales cover our familiar themes of healing and natural magic, or of personal or spiritual growth, not all of the stories in Dark Perfume have a happy ending … that’s simply how the characters played it. We dance to their tune! Perhaps they like to keep you, our readers, on your toes …

… or perhaps the light simply balances the dark … a delicate dance of yin and yang …

ReviewI bought Dark Perfume with the purpose of reading it in the lead up to Samhain and it has been the perfect read to get me into the rhythm and energies of this time of year.  A time when boundaries between worlds can be crossed and when the souls of the dead revisit their homes…

Within these pages, these short tales are engaging and thought provoking.  Some things are not what they seem and you know sometimes, ghosts can bring comfort 🙂  The tales are not about being ‘spooked’ although you may feel the hairs raising on the back of your neck … but will make you stop and think.

Time travel, family secrets, soul connections, mental health, timely reminders, the unexplained and serendipity are just a few themes.  You’ll find different genres too contemporary, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, romance and of course different settings.  What’s not to love!  Sometimes short stories or novellas are exactly what is needed – to dip in and out – and half term has been great for doing this.

Although complete in themselves, a lot of the tales have the potential to be developed into novellas or novels.  Joanna and Ron are such a talented writing duo as Lazuli Portals.  They seem to blend effortlessly (although that probably isn’t the case!).  The tales just flow and there is some beautiful figurative language too.

Lazuli Portals Dark Perfume image

I loved Dark Perfume as a whole but my favourite is the first.  It sets the scene beautifully for the tales that follow on. A ‘keeper’ for me.

(Dark Perfume by Lazuli Portals is now also available to purchase in paperback format.)

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