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Reading for Pleasure | Encouraging reluctant readers

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What is the single most important thing that will make a child successful in life? According to UNESCO it’s reading for pleasure and although a bold statement, from my experience I would agree. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an online tool to encourage KS1 and KS2? There is!

The Bedtime Story Finder

Have you heard of The Bedtime Story Finder?  I think it’s a valuable tool in enriching your children’s reading experience and best of all, to encourage reluctant readers.

Image showing a magnifying glass focused on an open page of a book

Unfortunately for some parents, getting children to read can be easier said than done. The pull of the online world can be too tempting, and traditional paperbacks shunned in favour of games and social media.

The Bedtime Story Finder combines the powers of the internet and local libraries and has been created to encourage young readers.

It takes the hassle out of the nightly hunt for a bedtime tale by allowing you to filter out stories that don’t appeal to you. These filters include ‘Song & Rhyme’, ‘Words that Charm’ and ‘Put on a Voice’.  You can also filter by age range. As you filter, the collection of 150 classic tales will be narrowed down to just one or a small handful of titles. There’s old favourites from Roald Dahl and Dick King Smith, and newer gems from Julia Donaldson and David Walliams.

When you’re on the website, just click on your chosen book cover and a pop up window will show you the summary and categories with the chance to click through to find your local library.

Book cover to show how to use the Bedtime Story Finder

You also have the opportunity of adding a book:

Bedtime Story Finder

The one thing that helps me sleep at night is snuggling up in bed and reading for pleasure. I’m not focused on the tasks that I need to do or running back over the day just gone. Bedtime reading really is a powerful tool that helps us all to escape to another world.

Do you have any tips to share to encourage reluctant readers?

The Sleep Matters Club at Dreams and social enterprise charity The Reader have joined forces to create the Bedtime Story Finder.


The Reader know that the way to encourage a love of books from an early age is to read together! They work with children, early years professionals, teachers and parents in Shared Reading projects across the UK. By sharing stories in an informal and engaging way, their work is improving reading abilities, building bonds, confidence, self-esteem, and encouraging future generations to develop a life-long love of reading.

Their recommended reads for bedtime have been lovingly selected by their staff and volunteers, many of whom are parents themselves.

If you’d like to find out more about their work with children and adults then you can visit them at

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