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Attracting Abundance

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Life is full of coincidences … have you ever tried attracting abundance in your life? Sent out a silent message?

When I recently sent out energy to the universe asking for a challenge, I didn’t expect it to manifest the very next day!

And then two days later I received an email from Kindred Spirit Magazine telling me I had won the Attracting Abundance deck from a giveaway I had entered!

The Attracting Abundance deck by Jane Struthers is gorgeous and I decided to shoot a quick video to show just how fabulous it is. Interestingly, the card I drew from the Spiritual Growth suit of cards had relevance to my work challenge.

Maybe the universe doesn’t work in mysterious ways. 🙂

The Attracting Abundance deck can be used in several ways, for instance you can just pick one card from the whole deck, choose a suit that you feel drawn to, use the messages on the cards as affirmations or choose a card to work with during your meditations.

Here’s more information about the cards:

The universe is alive with powerful, positive and loving energy – energy that can help bring about all that you desire in your life. This beautifully designed deck offers practical wisdom to help harness this power of universal abundance.

There are four suits, allowing you to focus on a specific area: love and relationships; career and prosperity; health and wellbeing; and spiritual growth. 

Each card contains a key word along with a visualisation, meditation, exercise or quotation, helping you to harness positive energy and abundance to your life. 

Includes a guide to using the cards, explaining different ways of conducting readings and how to set your intention and ask the universe to bestow its blessings upon you.

Attracting Abundance by Jane Struthers is published by Watkins Publishing.

Jane Struthers is a full-time professional astrologer and writer who has studied tarot, astrology and palmistry for over 25 years. She teaches astrology at the London School of Astrology, and has also lectured abroad on astrology and tarot. She is currently the astrologer for Bella, the bestselling weekly womens magazine, and before that she was the astrologer for The Sun, writing as Gemini Jane.

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Do you have a favourite tarot deck?

Do you have any abundance stories to share?

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