Tokyo Tower

8th top destination in Japan ~ Tokyo Tower

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Living in a top UK holiday destination I’m always interested in finding out about attractions in other countries. Tokyo Tower came across my radar when I was searching the awesome stationary at Bureau Direct.

So what’s the connection?

South Korean brand Paperways uses travel as a motif in their products.  I love what they say:

Traveling exposes us to new and fresh ideas.

It also creates experiences and memories that we want to treasure forever.

I found out some interesting information about Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

  • Tokyo Tower was built in 1958
  • It’s the second tallest structure in Japan
  • Its original use was for television broadcasting
  • Today it’s a communication and observation tower popular with tourists
  • Over 150 million people have visited!
  • The two-story Main Observatory is at 150 metres (490 ft), while the smaller Special Observatory reaches a height of 249.6 metres (819 ft)
  • Every 5 years the tower is repainted which takes about 12 months and uses 28,000 litres of paint (I wonder if it’s the same people who work on repainting it …)
  • Foot Town at the base of the tower is four stories and includes restaurants, a convenience store, Aquarium Gallery, souvenir shop, Guinness World Record museum, a wax museum and a gallery displaying optical illusions
  • From dusk to midnight, floodlights illuminate the entire tower.
  • Literary and movie fame ~ it’s been used in anime and manga and has been the location of the battles between Godzilla and  King Kong

Are you one of the 150+ million visitors?

Back to the connection with stationery.  I loved the Tokyo Paperways City Set and bought a set for a giveaway.  I think it’s unusual.  The pack features a keyboard pad (a weekly planner pad which can be placed under the keyboard and used to keep a diary or jot reminders), a Mini City notebooks set and a pack of Sticky Notes. The items graphically celebrate the capital city Tokyo.


Key features:

  • Keyboard pad has 50 pages marked Mon-Sun
  • Undated so you can start it anytime.
  • Set of two City Notebooks with 48 pages each
  • Set of 4 Mini Sticky Notes with 19 sheets per pad

What do you think?  Do you think it’s unique too?

The giveaway is open to my UK/ROI readers.  Please read the Terms and Conditions on the Rafflecopter before entering.

Happy stationery hoarding 🙂

Good luck

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