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12 days of Clink Street | Curse of the Alpha JC Norman

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I’m delighted to be taking part in Clink Street Publishing‘s 12 Days of Clink Street.

An entertaining twist on the 12 Days of Christmas, visit each blog below from 1st – 12th December in celebration of their authors.

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I’m sharing the second part of a never read before festive extract from JC Norman’s epic fantasy, Sphere’s Divide.

To read the beginning of the extract, please visit A Bookaholic Swede.

First, here’s more information about the first novel in the fantasy series:

Clink Street Publishing

Sphere’s Divide is a dark, matured and thrilling romance told in the narrative of a physical and emotional journey designed to push the boundaries of love and morals. When Leo Raiden discovers the secluded site of a skyship crash on the outskirts of his island he finds a seemingly, single survivor. A new and devastating global disaster threatens Sphere. Raiden, the enigmatic Val and a Caster named Zahied are set upon a mission to a distant land, seeking only information of ancient human knowledge and technologies to protect Sphere from the threat that sits outside its atmosphere. High Elementalist Acarlie of Eloma, a young girl skilled in the art of manipulating the Element of Wind has finally finished her training and is ready to set off on her dangerous pilgrimage. To visit each elemental stadium and fight in thrilling battles in front of thousands in order to master all the elements and become the Elemental Lord. With her on her sacred journey are her Sacred Guides, Tigian Sheeria and Human Miles, a charismatic mercenary paid to protect her. Together, these two parties discover their goals lie at the same destination and will pave the way for the most important story in Sphere’s history. Combining mild science fiction, unconventional fantasy, romance and adventure, Pilgrim of Element is the first chapter to tell a unique story in a new world where humans are no longer a lonely race, but share their world with intelligent, evolved creatures descendant of mammals we know today.

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To read the beginning of the extract, please visit A Bookaholic Swede.

Spheres Divide IIII: Curse of the Alpha

Hours passed and the celebrations were still all taking part in the small town. The Druid clan’s territory spaced for around one thousand miles and had small settlements, villages and towns within its area. Like many other clans of the lupi across the whole of their land, the Druids named their capital in relation to their clan name, and named their capital Drudia. But a capital it was not, Drudia was no more than a large village, but it was where the Druid Alpha would live. In the Druids’ village centre the lupi celebrated which gave the rest of the clan time and space to call it a night and rest early without disturbing them. Cinda was boiling some water in a pot over a small clay stove and put a small bottle of sake inside to warm. She had recently put Cassa to sleep and was now intending to have one small Lifemas drink with her beloved husband Regoui before turning in herself. She smiled and hummed to herself a carol of the festivities while she waited and readying some small porcelain cups on a wooden tray.

“Reg darling, our sake is about ready,” she declared out loud awaiting her husband’s response. After a moment’s silence she chuckled to herself. Lazy bugger. He’s probably already fallen asleep, she thought to herself as she turned with the tray in her hands, carrying the warm sake.

“Honey?” she asked again as she stepped through her kitchen and towards the sliding door of rice paper, fumbling with the tray so she could open the door.

As the door slid open, so too did the tray fall. The porcelain cups smashed and bled warm sake over the carpet and her feet. Before her was an instant nightmare before her eyes. Her heart stopped, her breath caught in her chest, her body became numb and the strength of her feet failed her. She fell on her knees around the mess and sharp shrapnel now scraping her knees.

Her husband was before her, lying with his throat opened and leaking an ocean of dark blood over their floor. His eyes remained open and stared up to the ceiling and through the tiles and into the great oblivion that only the dead could see. Standing over him was his murderer, wearing his dark kimono he wore during the ceremony and with a knife in one hand, dripping her beloved husband’s life force down to the floor to join the rest of it. In his other hand her alpha and ex-lover held her every dream, her joy and happiness; her whole life and reason for existence, and he held it by his beautiful little head, removed from his adorable shoulders, leaking another pool of liquid murder over his father’s sliced corpse. Her Cassa.

Once she saw the head of her only son now gripped in Tangetsu’s hand she finally found her voice and used it to sing the song of terror and despair, horror and heartbreak in the form of a shrill cry, a cry only a mother could make.

The whole village would have heard such a cry and before Tangetsu could turn she remembered her husband’s katana he would hunt with. With burning tears of betrayal and desperate horror leaking down her furry cheeks she found the strength to get up and dashed for his sword. Like it was calling to her, his katana sat upon its rack in the room near her. She snatched the sword from the wall and again screamed whilst charging for Tangetsu.

“Why!” she screamed as she swung Regoui’s sword. Tangetsu dropped Cassa’s head to thump the floor and roll against his father and lifted his knife to block the swinging blade. The block was no match however for the wrath of a vengeful mother. The sword went straight through his defence and cracked his skull. Blood and chipped bone spurt from his head but still he managed to force himself onto the screaming mother who lost all her previous training in her wild emotions. He caught her with both arms and fell on top of her. The left side of his body was now drenched in claret. With half his head now red he looked the murderous beast he was hiding under his fur and skin. Cinda screamed and wailed, kicked and cried but when she looked up she saw Tangetsu too was crying. A mixture of emotions came over her but his were plain and present. There was no hate, nor fury in his tears but pure remorse, guilt and reluctance, like a child forced against their intentions.

“It’s okay, my love. It will be over soon.”

She screamed more, “Help! Get off me! Murderer!” and now began to hear the sounds of the village catching her screams and charge for her house.

Tangetsu still cried, his tears streaming down his cheeks and dripping down on to her. “I know you don’t understand, Cinda. But trust me, I have saved Cassa from a fate worse than death. I am truly sorry for your husband, but I can not allow you to live. You must understand I am dong this for the good of your family. This curse must end!”

Whilst still with his eyes drowning in tears he drew the knife which slew her child and husband and dragged it across her throat. The steel was cold and wet as it dragged across and slit her flesh. The sudden pain silenced her and the feel of her blood now leaking from her throat terrified her until her vision began to fade.

She felt Tangetsu get off her and reach for the katana and kneel over her. Still her vision faded and now she heard the sound of the Druids now charging into her house as Tangetsu held forward the katana, the blade facing his stomach. The blade shined in the light of the candles around them, dripping his blood over her.

“I love you, Cinda.”

The last thing she ever saw was Tangetsu, having completed his mission against his better judgement now stab his belly and cut sideways opening his stomach just as the mob grabbed him and tumbled him to the floor.

Her vision failed her and she was suddenly cast into darkness only hearing the sounds of the panic stricken clan around her calling for her aid. She gurgled in warm blood and betrayal, her throat opened and knowing her life had ended.

All was black.

©JC Norman

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