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10 Best Activity Trackers to chart your fitness

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In a world where our fitness levels are important to not only our physical wellbeing but mental/emotional wellbeing, activity trackers are very popular and becoming a must-have.  I have a very simple tracker on my phone that records steps and calories burned which suits my purpose but if you’re looking for an activity tracker that’s more complicated you’ll need to read reviews and choose one that suits your purpose.

Reviews Bee has taken some of the stress out of your purchase by collating and analysing data from experts and consumers around the web.

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Their aim is to bring an unbiased compilation of data from a wide variety of sources that will help you be well informed when making a purchase.  Instead of searching the web for product information, expert reviews, and opinions of other consumers, you can access Reviews Bee and find all reviews in one place.

Check out their top 10 best activity trackers which also has some great tips for you such as:

among all the other features that you should consider when buying a fitness tracker, the most important and basic one is what your individual goals are, or why you want to use a fitness tracker. These reasons might vary from person to person.


The infographic below shares some basic information.

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Reviews Bee was established after the founder and CEO, Roman Sahakov, started to do his own product research.  He became easily frustrated sorting and organizing the data he collected from visiting product websites and reading a multitude of reviews, both from experts and consumers.

He wanted to find a place where all the product information was complete and in just one place.  He knew that would help consumers to be able to make fully enlightened decisions on the products they would be purchasing, thus creating happier customers. This perspective is a perfect new way to research products and sift through the available knowledge.

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