Children’s Fiction | No Oscar, NO! by Rose Hannah Button

Are you looking for something to read with your children/grandchildren?  No Oscar, NO! by Rose Hannah Button might just be what you’re looking for.

NO Oscar, No by Hannah Rose Button

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Oscar the dog is ever so naughty; eating everyone’s dinner, chasing the ducks and the postman too! Even so, his best friend, Alfie, is determined to teach him to be a good dog so that he can stay with him. How will he ever manage it?

“No Oscar, NO!” is a heart warming tale about two best friends, written and illustrated by artist and mother, Rose Hannah Button.

The rhyming words and illustrations work so very well together in No Oscar, NO!  I could just imagine snuggling up and flipping through the pages again and again with a young member of the family.

Children will love the repetition and colourful illustrations (which are stunning) and be able to identify with the naughty things Oscar gets up to.   The language used will extend your child’s vocabulary in a fun and relaxed way.

You can see some of the stunning illustrations on the Rose Hannah Button’s Pinterest board.

A recommended read from me.


Rose Hannah ButtonRose Hannah Button is the daughter of an artist and an early years teacher so has grown up with a passion for beautifully illustrated children’s literature which was emphasized when she became a mother, herself.

After studying art at Hereford Art College, she based her work around a contemporary realist style of portraiture and murals until she gave birth to her first child and became inspired to create both a series of paintings on her experiences of motherhood and books illustrating the difficulties in bringing up a child and a dog at the same time.




Married with two sons in their early 20’s, I love my day job as an Inclusion Lead. I am passionate about early help, expressed not only in my setting but also as a member of Bournemouth’s Early Help Operational Board. It’s an honour to be working alongside others to instigate change and growth.

I’m also passionate about my love of reading, being out in nature and creating with crochet.

I’ve been blogging for seven years at Jera’s Jamboree.


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