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I’m fascinated by stories that defy being pigeon-holed into one genre.  It’s Killing Jerry by Sharn Hutton interestingly blends humour and thriller and I’m delighted to share with you an excerpt today as part of the blog tour.  I’ll be linking to the Prologue and Chapter One on Sharn’s website too.  

I was drawn in by Sharn’s writing style and if you are too, then don’t miss the chance of grabbing your own Kindle copy at the bargain price of 99p for this weekend only (28th – 30th April).

Sharn Hutton


Fantasist, push-over and all-round crap father: Jeremy Adler’s an inspiration. For scandal, treachery and blackmail.

Fleeced by his ex-wife, oppressed by a narcissist boss and ridden over rough-shod by a two month old infant, Jerry might have thought he’d been keeping the peace but, the tide of resentment is turning against him.

Fighting for his job, control of the bank statement and, ultimately, his life, Jerry’s got problems and they’re about to get a whole lot worse.

Breakdowns and break-ups, manipulation and thievery, green-eyed phoneys and unscrupulous deals. Pretending to be someone else just won’t cut it this time and featuring on the late evening news as: missing, presumed murdered, is only the beginning.

With adult themes, ‘It’s Killing Jerry’ is the head-hopping tale of Jerry’s desperately funny demise.

*Read the prologue and Chapter One*



Sharon Hutton


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Review Highlights:

A brilliant read with lots of heart and plenty of surprises. I loved it. Thoroughly recommended.

Internationally Best Selling Author, John Bowen

What an excellent romp through Jerry’s life! This was fabulous; light hearted, funny, moments of absurdity and a jolly good story to go with all the fun. Flawed, likeable characters; rotten, loathsome villains. The story maintains good pace throughout and has an altogether satisfactory tone and highly rewarding ending. I highly recommend It’s Killing Jerry – a real treat of a read!

What a journey. Marvellous Sharn Hutton. Reminded me of how much better a slow build-up with gentle teasing is prior to a pacey breath-taking end. You even supplied the post, satiated with happiness, virtual cigarette. Terrific read!

A very enjoyable read with great characters. Full of twists.

Intrigued? Don’t miss the promotion this weekend only!

Sharn HuttonSharn Hutton scuttled along in the rat race with everyone else, until the advent of babies provided an excellent excuse not to go back to the office. Before too long she realised, however, that ‘giving up work’ wasn’t really that at all. In fact, career motherhood had just as many challenges and disappointments as the corporate world, the hours were longer and the pay was rubbish! The best laid plans and all that…

Time marched on and as the children spent more hours at nursery and then school, she started to write during stolen moments. The seed of a story took hold and eventually grew into her first novel.

Now working from home in Hertfordshire, she wouldn’t trade her tiny writing room at the back of the house for the fanciest of corner offices. Apart from anything else, where would the dog’s bed go?

‘It’s Killing Jerry’ is her debut novel and she’s expecting many more to come. (Books that is, not babies. Definitely not babies.)

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