Kickstart your writing with Sue Johnson’s Writing Success

Whether you’re just starting out writing or a seasoned writer this gem, Writing Success : poetry, flash fiction and short story exercises, will spark your creativity and help you to develop ideas.  I’m continuing to have a fabulous time working my way through the exercises that interest me.


Writing Success Sue Johnson


Sue begins by telling us about her relationship with words and why she has written Writing Success.  Who is this book for?  Anyone who doesn’t know where to start; short story writers and novelists who need sparkle; long time writers who would like to try something different; anyone in creative recovery who would benefit from the daily writing exercises; creative writing tutors.  So in short, anyone who loves playing with words!

I am my own greatest enemy when I’m writing (and that includes book reviews) as I’m continually editing.  It takes a lot longer!  What has been reinforced by Sue is one of those things you know but don’t put into practise … writing and editing involve two different parts of the brain. Well of course it does but being the organised person I am …  The free writing warm up exercise, which only takes 5 minutes a day, has helped me a great deal.  My self-imposed shackles are slowly loosening.




There is so much inspiration in these 138 pages.  I love the tips in ‘Refilling the Creative Well’ and the exercise for ‘Daisy Chain Poems and Stories.’  The sensory map that Sue suggests could easily be a mindfulness task too.  The ’52 Starting Points’ exercises are invaluable! Of course all the exercises can lead on to longer works of fiction.  If you have an idea and it grabs you while doing them you should explore further.

You’ll find more than writing exercises in Writing Success.  Sue gives tips on writing space whether internal or external and gathering/developing ideas.

All of the categories are broken down into tips, ideas and exercises.  For instance ‘Short Stories’ are broken down into:

  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Conflict/Action
  • Dialogue
  • Senses

What comes across very clearly is Sue’s belief that while writing you should have fun and enjoy playing with words.  Creativity can’t be boxed up in a neat little package can it … and this is something I found really refreshing in Writing Success.

[ctt template=”4″ link=”Q2eh0″ via=”no” ]Remember there are no mistakes, only creative accidents that may lead you in a new and exciting direction ~ Sue Johnson[/ctt]

Writing Success really is a gem of a book and it’s my constant companion.  You will have fun while exploring your creativity and surely that’s a winner.  Writing should never be a chore and for me, Sue has put the sparkle and excitement back into writing.

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I would like to thank the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About the Author

Writing Success

Sue Johnson is a writer, artist and musician. She is published as a poet, short story writer and novelist. Her short
stories have been published in most UK women’s magazines and ‘That’s Life – Australia.’ She also writes books aimed at helping other writers.

She has published two novels with Indigo Dreams Publishing – ‘Fable’s Fortune’ and ‘The Yellow Silk Dress.’ She was short-listed for the prestigious Romance Writing Award in 2015 with her novel ‘Apple Orchard, Lemon Grove.’

Her first full collection of poetry ‘Tasting Words, Hearing Colours’ is also published by by Indigo Dreams where Sue explores synaesthesia (a condition she is fortunate to have), childhood memories and other stories.

Sue is a Writing Magazine Creative Writing Tutor and also runs her own brand of writing classes. Further details of her courses, publications and workshops can be found at  Follow Sue on Twitter @SueJohnson9 and visit her Author Facebook Page to stay up to date.

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