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I’m joining in the blog tour today for Kala Ramachandran’s uplifting memoir, Shouting from the Summits. The book charts Kala’s mountaineering adventures and how they helped her manage a debilitating childhood stam4 top tips for living with a stammermer, regain self-confidence and become fearless.

Kala has written a fabulous post for my readers on her 4 top tips for living with a stammer.

A mountaineering enthusiast, Kala spends her professional life working for the finance department for Brent Council. She is a member of the British Mountaineering Council and the British Stammering Association.  Today she lives in Stanmore, London with her two sons.

20% of the royalties from the sales of Shouting from the Summits will be donated to the British Stammering Association

Firstly, here’s more information about Shouting from the Summits.


4 top tips on living with a stammer

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing (13 Sept. 2016)

ISBN-10: 1911110551

ISBN-13: 978-1911110552

‘Living proof that a stammer need not hold you back’. Leys Geddes

Kala Ramachandran struggled with a stammer and it became so debilitating, she thought it would be with her her whole life. But then she embraced mountaineering. And finally found her voice. This is her story.

‘It is a given we will have obstacles in life, some of us from the very beginning. Kala’s story is one of perseverance; of overcoming; of hope. The world she grew up in didn’t include Asian women who climbed mountains. Now it does thanks to Kala never letting go of her dream.’ Warren Macdonald

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4 Top Tips on living with a stammer

  1. The root cause of stammering is a neurological condition. This is why it’s OK to stammer.  There’s nothing wrong with it, so don’t distance yourself from others otherwise you will be missing out the key ingredients of communication skills such as 2 way communications. Let the listener know that you have a stammer. It is not about how we talk but it’s about the message the listener/s gets.  Don’t be afraid to speak out your mind and you should not feel you have to apologise because of your stammer.


  1. Sign up for therapies, speak to GPs, speak to your employer because reasonable adjustment can be made as we have the Equality Act in place that protects stammerer. Supports groups are out there too.


  1. Associate with like-minded friends who understand your stammer, encourage you to speak and include you in their friends’ circle.  Take part in public speaking … often our biggest fear, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.


  1. Never let the fear get in your way: Don’t indulge in negative comments or bullies’ comments but believe in yourself and be courageous to achieve your life dreams, every day is a new day and a new “you!”


If someone you know, has a stammer please share Kala’s top tips.  It might give them inspiration and may help them towards overcoming any mental health needs as a result of a stammer.

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4 top tips for living with a stammer

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