In the Spotlight … the Pukka Pad

I’ve already bought stationery for going back to school in September (you probably guessed that anyway – no surprises there!) and one of the items is a Pukka Pad project book.




You probably wouldn’t be surprised either to find out that I have a Pukka Pad jotter in my drawer at work that I haven’t found a purpose for yet ūüôā


Pukka Pad


I may even have taken a trip to Tesco after seeing Pukka Pads Facebook status that their bundle pack was on offer reduced from ¬£22 to ¬£8 …




So what’s to love about the Pukka Pad brand?

The company information tells us the brand is

bold, vibrant, a representation of quality and innovation

I have to agree 100% with that statement. ¬†The covers are bold and the vibrancy really catches your eye doesn’t it? You know that the quality of the paper is going to be the best but also the overall finish is going to be too.

Environmentally responsible

Did you know that all of their paper pads and notebooks are produced from paper which originates from sustainable sources? Products are made in mills with ISO9002 and ISO14001 accreditation. In 2010, Pukka Pads production plant was officially certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Pukka Pads have recently released two new designs.

Blush is inspired by the Rose Gold/Copper 2017 trend. Coral and Navy are the colours that can be seen everywhere and they’re made with stylish copper foil which oozes glamour.

Doesn’t it look elegant and refined?

Pukka Pad blush


The release that has caught my eye this week is the Colour in Project Book!



(now who wishes they had waited to buy stationery …)

There’s something that makes this particular project book stand out from the crowd. ¬†Watch the YouTube video below to see the doodle bar at the bottom of the page. ¬†I know quite a few people who will have loads of fun with this!

The Colour In Project Book is available to purchase at WHSmith, The Range, Rymans and Easons.  If you spot it, share a photo on social media using the hashtag #PukkaPics.



I can recommend you follow Pukka Pads social media channels. ¬†They don’t only share offers but also fabulous competitions. ¬†They’re super friendly too.


Twitter @pukkapads

Facebook page




Do you have a favourite stationery brand?

Do you use Pukka Pads?

Happy stationery hoarding.

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