My Sunday Photo ~ Hengistbury Head

It was such a glorious bank holiday weekend in the UK.  Saturday afternoon I managed to spend time on the decking, chilling and reading.  Sunday saw us spending time at Hengistbury Head.  So blessed to live where we do 🙂  Eldest spent time with us on the Monday (I’ll be sharing some photos soon) before I dropped him at the train station Tuesday morning.  It’s been a social week meeting up with friends – a week filled with laughter and chilling.

Today I’m sharing some photos from Sunday.

(A random couple walking ahead of us – Taz on alert to see what mischief he can get up to next!)

On a day like today this is the perfect place to be #lovedorset

A photo posted by @jerasjamboree on May 29, 2016 at 7:27am PDT

Brrrr that was chilly.

I’m not going back in …

Where’s mine?

The Hungry Hiker was so busy and I’m not sure the staff could keep up with the customers.  The table we stepped into had rubbish on it – which the birds were making the most of!

It’s mine.  Get off!

This mum was after food for her fledgeling.  While the fledgling waited on our table, she went off to others and came back with food.

One of my favourite captures from the weekend. Mother feeding baby #birds #nature #fledgling

A photo posted by @jerasjamboree on May 31, 2016 at 2:57am PDT

Taz loves walking back over the mown paths.  A carpet of buttercups.

And back up the hill to the car park.

 Couldn’t resist snapping the next photo.  The colours were so bright!  Part of the car park is obviously being used for storage while they replace the groynes.  Despite that there was still plenty of parking spaces.

If you’re in the area and you enjoy outdoor activities, take a look at the Events leaflet (events go up until the end of August).  I quite fancy watching the sun set and the moon rise within 45 minutes of each other, or in search of Nightjars or …

Have a great week.

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