Book Event : Publication Party for Mandy Baggot’s Christmas novel, One Wish in Manhattan

Friday 16th October, 6.45pm at Waterstones in Salisbury had been on the calendar for a while.  You know how it is, you have an event coming up and it seems to take ages to arrive!

The road works on the Spur Road have been causing chaos so we had already organised things so that we could leave at 4pm to hopefully miss the worst of it and eat in Salisbury before attending the party.

The Kings Head Inn was quite busy at 5.30pm with shoppers and those stopping off from work.  It had a lovely atmosphere and the food is reasonably priced.  My chilli con carne came piping hot and it was just what I needed!

 Arriving a little early, we were hoping someone would take pity on us standing out in the cold …

and the member of staff did!  So we were first to arrive (but were we the last to leave?).

Pete took a photo of the books waiting to be signed which you can see on My Sunday Photo.

Mandy and Jon were excellent hosts making sure we had a drink (I have to say that the Merlot was delicious!) and their daughters directing us to the nibbles.

I love the concentration on Mandy’s face in the following photo.

I’ve read (but not yet reviewed) One Wish in Manhattan and one of the copies I purchased is for a giveaway for the blog and I couldn’t make up my mind whether to also have a Christmas message.  I think in the next photo I was probably saying ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ ‘yes’ …

Karina had an early Christmas present.

And it didn’t take her long to open the pages 🙂

I love the book thong that was in the goody bags.

We’d seen one of Mandy’s daughters looking through the books.

When they did a reading, it all became clear (they were looking for a dictionary which is relevant in One Wish).

I spotted Sharon (from Shaz’s Book Blog) and waved.  We’ve ‘known’ each other on Twitter and through blogging for almost five years and it’s the first time we’ve actually met.  Chatting away, Karina thought we were old friends.  Social media does have its positive side.

If you’re personal friends on FB you will have already seen the photo below.

I was very comfy in my armchair.  One Wish, friends, great conversations and atmosphere, a goody bag, glass of red,  … and surrounded by books.  What more could I want?

Mandy and her two daughters got ready for their reading.

The video below of the reading was taken on my mobile.  Excellent expression 🙂

After the reading I was fortunate to meet blogger Rachel from Rachel’s Random Reads.

We were talking about events in London and how difficult it was on a school/work day for Sharon and I to make the trip and back.  It was at this point that Sharon and I decided that we would organise a meet up next summer.  After the new year we’ll be polling readers and authors for feedback.  Watch this space!

It was a fabulous evening.  Mandy was also celebrating One Wish hitting the Top 100 on Amazon.

Congratulations Mandy!

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