Bournemouth Air Festival In Photos

We’ve been going to the Air Festival since its inception in 2008 and seen it grow from strength to strength over the years.

We’ve sat in extreme weather (raincoats to blazing sunshine) and the excitement doesn’t pall.  It’s a fabulous atmosphere whether in the middle of everything or further away on the Head.

We’re blessed that we don’t have far to travel at all and of course being local, know where to park and which back roads to use to avoid traffic.  The past few years there has been a Park and Ride very close to our home.  We used it one year but find it easier (and cheaper) to take our own car.

This year we spent a day at the beach between Bournemouth and Boscombe piers; a day at Hengistbury Head; an hour on the cliff above Durley Chine (to see the Vulcan on its last flight).

I follow the official Twitter feed @BmthAirFest to keep up to date with the changes in the programme while we’re there and to catch any other information.

My all time favourite photo is of a friend and I in the Red Arrow tent (2012) …


A selection of this year’s photos:

Between the Piers (Friday)

At the start of the day

On The Sea and Beach

Above is the Steamship Shieldhall which you can see berthed at Poole Quay in my post here.

HMS Dasher (foreground)
RFA Argus (background)

In The Air




Aerobatic team


Waving hands

The Reds creating the heart

Sally B (B52)


Landing on X marks the spot

Eurofighter Typhoon

Hengistbury Head (Saturday)


The only day we take Taz with us

Cliffs above Durley Chine (Sunday)

IoW in the background

Bournemouth Pier
HMS Protector

Looking to the right and Studland

And the reason we went …

The Vulcan

A wing wiggle as it disappears off into the clouds

We managed to capture a short 56 second video (with a few wobbles and out of focus!).

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Shoreham Airshow accident.

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