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I Don’t Believe God Wrote the Bible, finds Gerald Freeman’s younger self on a quest for spiritual enlightenment in France. A vagabond approach to travel makes it possible to discover what matters most in life and also gives you the confidence to follow your true path. A story about growing up and getting a Life you truly desire, instead of settling for one you believe you are required to accept. 

After a near-fatal drug overdose in the late 1980s, Gerry Freeman leaves England in search of a better life and spiritual awakening. While hitchhiking around the South of France, he and his friend Jan meet an eclectic mix of carefree hippies, dashing celebrities, and kind-hearted strangers.

Wine and parties abound—on the streets and beaches, wherever they find themselves—but the good times often come at the price of begging and having to steal food to survive.

Past mental and physical abuse haunts Gerry, but he begins to realize happiness is a choice. Sometimes it takes a journey that spans lazing on the beaches of the French Riviera, harvesting grapes in the serene hills of wine country, and washing dishes at a ski resort in the Alps to learn answers that lurked inside all along. Anyone can start caring again.

Whose Life Are You Living, Anyway? 

I wonder how many of us have sacrificed our dreams in order to live a life we think is more realistic. Therein lies the problem, for generations we have been brought up to believe that dreams are fictional ideas, usually unattainable and not something to be seriously pursued- unless of course, you happen to be a child prodigy and born with a divine gift.

Sadly, many succumb to this ideology, often through their own decision-making and a need for the apparent security, which comes with having a normal job. However, a great number of us are bullied into it by well-meaning family members, peers and society in general. Those who are not confident enough to fight back, resign themselves to the fact that life wasn’t really supposed to be that fun, anyway.

After growing up in an abusive household and realizing at a very young age that my bullies probably weren’t essentially evil, instead they had just manoeuvred themselves into situations, which in their hearts they didn’t really want to be in. He married her for the money and status, time was getting on for him and he worried about ending up old and alone. She was already sad, lonely and desperate for affection, so they both settled for a life they thought would do-it didn’t and the frustration that came with the realization of this was catastrophic to everyone around them.

I swore I would never let that happen to me and that I would not settle for a life I didn’t really want, more importantly I would not raise a family that lived in fear. It proved difficult during my teens, as I couldn’t find any inspiration and there were no career options that enticed me. It also took me some years to get over the psychological fallout of being brought up in such an atmosphere of hate.

Finally, I realised there was nothing for me in England and so I decided to go further afield in search of a life. That was the best decision I have ever made. In almost no time at all, I went from having too many years to fill, to realizing I would never be able to do half the things I wanted and would want to do in such a short space of time as a human life. My mindset changed completely and I felt no pressure to find a career, settle down, plan for the future- I just let things happen and life came to me.

If only parents could buck the trend to allow their children time off between school and university, thus giving them the chance to find a future that inspires them, instead of encouraging them to settle for a life they are not even sure they want at that age. Many young people do not go on to live up to their true potential; they are stifled and persuaded that a dream equates to a fantasy. We all know how many people reach middle age and have a sudden realization that they are in the wrong life. From there their lives are full of regret and worst case scenario they become mean and angry, they cause suffering to those around them and often more permanent damage is done.

I continued travelling and keeping an eye open for what I was to become, but admittedly it didn’t happen until I was thirty years old and the panic was starting to set in. However, one day I went to a handicraft market and saw a guy doing sculpture, in a split second I knew exactly what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Ironically the other path, which was to become my life was with me all along. I settled down, went to an International Fine Arts school and simultaneously did a course in sculpture, it was at this time I realised I was in a position to write some books with all the notes I had been making my whole life.

I am now a forty-eight year old sculptor and writer, who looks back on his past content with having done so much and still peeved I will not have enough years in my life to do everything I want and will want to do. I have also found my soul mate, which I believe only happened because I was in the right life and allowed it to unfold as naturally as possible- all I had to do was follow my heart.

I have many friends that I met on the road, who were also escaping the system and in search of their dreams. Most of them ended up going to university at age twenty-six or seven and choosing a degree they wholeheartedly wanted to do. What is more, they were easily accepted into the universities of their choice. Mature students are known for their commitment and generally welcomed into any university. Lecturers get tired of the eighteen year olds that flood their gates every year, with no real interest in the course and who are just going through the motions on the education conveyor belt. Many, they know will flunk and choose partying over learning, change career choices or just end up in lives they do not want.

Let your child be unique, encourage them to make their dreams come true so they will be able to look back on their lives with contentment, instead of resentment. 

Gerald Freeman

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